We carefully select our customs agent partners to ensure best-in-class services for our customers. Typically, our customs agent partners have accreditiation to demonstrate the quality of their services such as AEO certification or national equivalent and perhaps ISO certification. We expect them to be experts in their own national customs regulations and share our vision of building a modern ecosystem for global trade based on IT automation. They all have a proven track record of providing high-quality services across a wide range of ports, airports, modes of transport, and types of goods.

Many of our customs agents support special customs procedures and handling of special goods (e.g. dual-use, products of animal origin, phytosanitary). Get in touch with us to find out if our agents can support you with specific goods and procedures in a specific country.

Yes. What’s important for us is to have access to all required data and since we would have a direct connection with you, that should be no problem.