Vast coverage adds to our flexibility

We are licensed customs brokers in countries where we have our own offices, while we cover the remaining countries through fixed agreements with customs agents. SC in Sweden possesses all the necessary customs permits, approvals and authorizations to carry out all customs-related and cross-border services quickly and efficiently. Our efficient computer systems communicate digitally with Customs wherever possible –including through TVINN and NCTS.

Digital document storage

SC offers digital document storage through our collaboration with Emma – Emma e-doc. And because we have bonded warehousing at all of our locations, we are able to keep goods in bonded storage for shorter or longer periods. In this context, we also handle transits, partial customs clearance and bonded warehouse services. SC offers customs clearance and forwarding services both as part of our international transport operations and for stand-alone shipping assignments independent of carrier. Through an in-house forwarder agreement, SC skilled customs service makes sure the customs clearance is performed correctly and within the timeframe allocated by Customs.

Smooth service you can trust

An in-house forwarder agreement provides you with the opportunity to deal with a single forwarding partner, who in turn facilitates reporting VAT correctly in Altinn. SC always delivers VAT reports to our clearance customers.